Morning Java



Coffee is the American drink of choice and is my favorite morning drink. You will find coffee in virtually every restaurant, cafe and, of course, the ever relenting openings of new coffee establishments. I n some cities they are on every city block. Here in this area those places are not so popular. The coffee of choice are primarily the service stations. I especially like the outstanding qualities you can detect with Colombian coffees. It is my bean of choice. This bean tends to have a silky body, cane sugar sweetness, floral hints and traces of tropical fruits in the best Colombia coffees.These days I usually do not procure the best of the beans and simply purchase whole beans at Sam’s club. Someday I might go into the green bean area of coffee and roast my own coffee. It is a good bet that I will not be drinking Black Ivory coffee anytime so or at all. Drinking a coffee from an elephants # 2 is just not that appealing. Green coffee keeps longer that roasted coffee and I will be able to roast as I prefer. It really is not rocket science but takes time. Apparently, the popcorn popper I use is also useful for roasting beans, although it tends to be smokey.

Whirley Pop

I have one of those stove top espresso coffee makers somewhere but have not made coffee in a long time with that device. Not knowing where it is is not helpful.I am doing a fall clean up in the house and I hope to get the place better organized and remove items not used.

Even with my attachment to drinking coffee, I really do not like most of the coffee prepared at coffeehouses. The coffee is  too strong for my liking setting my stomach into a acid war. So my daily routine is to grind up a few beans each morning and brew a pot. Then I add a little real cream to acquire my favorite drink of the day. On those days when I want more warm drinks I change to having tea. It normally starts with green teas, but sometimes it is a blend, English breakfast, Chinese Oolong. If is really hot I might drink iced tea during the day. Just the plain unsweetened tea and not sweet tea. Southern sweet tea way too sweet for my liking and it also put me in a sugar guilt trip I mostly drink water all day and almost always have a huge cup on my desk or where I am at. On hot days when outside I bring a large container of water.

So what is your drink of the day? Here are some drinks some enjoy.

Common Drink
Something to Drink
pick your potion pleasure

Money No Object

yellow irisToday, I ponder what would happen if Money is no object, and I was not required to work. Should anyone just toss their job aside. They could have dreams that have not been realized or have ongoing issues that require their attention. I came to the conclusion that if I became wealthy to the point that I would not have to work anymore there would be some changes in my life but I would still continue in my life style. Most likely I would be working harder but that is okay as long as I enjoy the adventure. I would never, every work at a place with people who offends, intimidates, humiliates others.

The first change in my life would be a better home. This home would not have to be large or with extreme additions such as marble everywhere, but it would be comfortable with modern conveniences that are environmental friendly. It would have child friendly areas for sleep and play.  I would like it best if the home was really out of view from any road, but still able to have a farm stand and a lodge or some cabins. I would use these as income and to give solider/airman and their family, the occasional family and friend a place to relax and unwind. The second important change would be a tractor with a front.. This would make it possible for me to get more done, quicker, easier and importantly, less wear and tear on my body. Thirdly, I would hire someone to help and to cover me while attending other venues. So you might be wondering why I would want to hire someone. it would allow me the ability to travel to search for more ideas, rare seeds and attend learning experiences. There are many classes I would love to take and not all are agriculture related that I am not able to do. To do this I would need someone to cover me and the income to pay for the travel. Fourthly, I would hire a nanny to care for my grandchildren when I am busy. I still would like them to visit but be safe.

Well the end of WordPress dreaming and off the to real world. What about you? If money were out of the equation, would you still work? If yes, why, and how much? If not, what would you do with your free time?


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5 Minutes on the Clock
Daily Prompt: Work? Optional! Meaning of optional please.
Daily Prompt: Work? Optional!


Food Forest, Beans and Other Garden Themes



This year I have been getting very interested in the saving of seeds, making a food forest and other garden interests. Most of the seed saving interests have been beans this year. I grew around 10 different varieties of snap and dry beans. I have been also saving a lot more seeds such as lettuce to breed for heat resistance. Many of the varieties I have been starting to develop for reduced water needs.

I have found the food forest to be of great interest this year and will also be attending a class next month. The problem I have found with developing food forest is that there is not a lot of information out there in regards to the method. I am hoping to change that in the future when I before more knowledgeable and develop my own forest in my orchard.

I hope some of you become interested in this permaculture method and in the future visit my page for updates. I have added a page of my beans. In the future I plan to offer the rare and regular beans for trade in in Seed Savers.

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Making Zante Currants


Zante currants (in the United States), or currants (in other English-speaking countries), or Corinthian raisins, are dried berries of the small, sweet, seedless grape cultivar Black Corinth’ (Vitis vinifera).They are sometimes marketed as champagne grapes but they are not used to produce champagne, although they are sometimes used when mixing wines. They are not related to the black, red or white currants, which are berries of shrubs in the Ribes genus.

I have never seen the corinthian grapes before until I received some in my Bountiful Basket. At first thinking they were berries, becasue of the package they were in, I was surprised when I discovered they were tiny grapes. Although I dried the grapes to make zante currants they would make a great addition to a salad. I am tempted to trying to grow Black Corinth but they are very susceptible to powdery mildew and must be treated to produce grapes larger than pinhead size. Still they are quite interesting.


Making Currants

  • Wash the grapes. Remove the stems. Make sure you get all the small stems. 
  • Use the dehydrator. Place the grapes on a single layer on a tray. I used Dehydrator Tray Liners becasue the grapes were so small and when they dry they will get smaller. The temperature should be at its highest setting for the first twelve hours I turned them about every 4 hours
  • After 12 hours you can reduce the temperature to medium. This process takes 2-3 days. 
  • You can also use your oven on low heat. 
  • Remove from sheet to a container and keep in a cool dark area.