Telling A Little About Yourself Short and Sassy






Last night I had a class and it happened again. The teacher asked the question, “Tell us about yourself and why you are in this class?”  Frankly, I am sure no anyone wants to know when last time I  clipped my nails or what I ate for dinner. That is one of reason Facebook can become so annoying. To me it is quite obvious why people would be taking a Permaculture class, but still some people had a few different answers. Really, this is a question that can help instructors tailor their classes later or sometimes change the lecture planned for the students present.

So I was thinking what could best describe me in a quick and dirty sentence.  Joel Salatin gave me the solution from his website as he discribes himself . This is what I came up with for myselfin a short and sassy way: Christian environmentalist permaculturalist  capitalist eccentric. He had used lunatic but , although it can describe me at times with some of my goals and activities, I felt the word would be taken as a mentally crazy person.  Not a way I want people to think of me.  I also did not put a political agenda since I am not really a party follower.  I have always done activities that were not considered normal for a female like going the gym (it was not normal way back then), rock climbing, hiking, body boarding and a few other outdoorsy activities. This is why I consider myself somewhat eccentric.

It you wrote a few words to discribe you what would you write?


You’re about to enter a room full of strangers, where you will have exactly four minutes to tell a story that would convey who you really are. What’s your story?



Fall Means Pumpkin Ice Cream



Here in Kansas we tend to get more brownish colors in the fall, more so than the spectacular displays of fall colors found in other places. We just do not get that sudden drop in temperature to cause the veins that carry fluids into and out of the leaf to be closed off quickly. Still, it is always a relief to get cooler temperatures after many days of triple digits and high humidity. Even without the fall colors we still have many reminders that fall is here. Farmers are active planting the winter wheat and harvesting the corn and other crops.

In the fall I begin to crave pumpkin dishes. Pumpkin pie is my favorite but I enjoy all other types of pumpkin dishes and desserts. I can see my body expansion now just from thinking about them. One favorite that was difficult to find as I moved around was pumpkin ice cream. I used to make it in the fall before it was available in stores here. If you would like to try this delightful treat but can’t find it in stores below is recipe. The pictures above are pictures of other treats I like to make in the fall. You can find the recipes for them by using my search tool at the bottom right on my pages.

This recipe uses raw egg whites but you might want to use dried egg white pasteurized product, pasteurized eggs or make you own pasteurized eggs.

Pumpkin Ice Cream

5 1/3 ounce evaporated milk
2 eggs; separated
1/2 cup light brown sugar
1/4 teaspoon ginger; powder
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon; powdered
1/4 teaspoon nutmeg; powdered
1 cup pumpkin puree (canned or fresh)
1/8 teaspoon salt
1/8 teaspoon cream of tartar

Combine evaporated milk, egg yolks, brown sugar, and spices in top of double boiler. Using a wire whisk beat the ingredients until smooth. Place top overt simmering water and cook until custard thickens. Stirring constantly. Remove from heat. Stir in 1 cup pumpkin puree.

In medium bowl beat egg whites, salt and cream of tartar until stiff peaks form. Fold egg whites into pumpkin custard. Scrape into freezer container or serving dish, cover tightly and freeze until firm about 3 hours. Serve directly from freezer.

Almost One Sentence


“I would have written a shorter letter, but I did not have the time.” — Blaise Pascal

Today WordPress asks Where do you fall on the brevity/verbosity spectrum?

blaisepascal131516 (1)

This prompt had a lot of unknowns. First I had to Google Pascal. I knew the name as a type of computer language, but Pascal had nothing to do with the language. The writer wanted to name the language after him due to his invention of a calculator machine. I found out Pascal was an interesting person and he wrote some of my favorite quotes.

He was another one of those home schooled types for an interesting reason. His ability for math became apparent at a very young age and the father wanted his schooling without any math subjects so he could concentrate on the classical subjects and not work too hard. I tried not to laugh at the not work too hard reason but I did. The father’s tactic did not work. Most likely he watched his father, a tax collector, at work with calculations. How could someone interested in numbers not? Later, he became a great mathematician at a very young age, but also became very interested in many other areas. So, maybe, his father’s tactic worked.

So now back to that question. “Where do you fall on the brevity/verbosity spectrum?” I was not  familiar with these two words. Yes, I could guessed what their meanings and almost wrote a post doing so. I decided to look up the words in an online dictionary. I really like the using online dictionaries, but have a hard copy for when I really mess up a spelling.  Sometimes the dictionary can not find the word because the spelling is very wrong  Using an online thesaurus can be very helpful with this type of problem too. So sometimes I look up a word with a close meaning to the word I want to spell. In case you are wondering if I used an online dictionary for this post I did for the word thesaurus. Anyway, I was very close to the meaning of those two words but looking them up helped me write this post.

So after all of this verbosity you may or may not wonder what the answer to the question above is. If you are still with me the truth is I am not a prolific writer and do not have that wonderful flow and skills that most good writers do.  So I tend to get to the point as quick as I can. Yes, this post was almost one sentence.

Breakfast Burittos/ Chorizo con Huevos

This is the Breakfast burrito I grew up eating at friends houses and in later years when I went on camping trips with friends. It still one of my favorite breakfast foods. In this burrito I used Mexican chorizo which is usually made with native chili peppers. Just the sausage and eggs is enough flavor for me but you can add other ingredients to spice it up. I added some suggestions below.

Breakfast burritos (Chorizo con Huevos)

eggs, mexican, breakfast

2 flour tortillas
2 eggs
chorizo (about 1/4 cup, more or less)
1/2 cup Monterey jack cheese; grated (optional)
2 tablespoon green onions; chopped (optional)
2 tablespoon salsa (optional)

Heat pan large enough to accommodate 1 tortilla. Warm tortilla for about 1 minute. Heated side should begin to brown slightly. You can also wrap tortillas in damp paper towel and heat in microwave for a few seconds, until warm and flexible enough to wrap. We used to just put them on the burner of a gas burner but it sticks to electric burners. Keep tortilla warm while preparing second tortilla in same way.

When tortillas are nearly ready, beat eggs with salt and pepper as desired. Heat chorizo in skillet, add green onions(optional), stir until cooked, then add eggs. Over medium heat, scramble eggs to your taste. Add salsa(optional) and stir briefly. Divide egg mixture between 2 tortillas, distributing egg along 1/3 of each tortilla. Add additional ingredients if you wish and roll from side with egg on it.