A Shocking School Change

1sparksMS It was a though out change in the schools. We were moving and it was apparently best for children to begin at a new school in the middle of the year. You would stick out as a new student. It would then be easier to make new friends. I could not tell you if this would work for other ages but for  in my experience unless the school gets a lot of changes in its student body then not so much. This is especially true for the  12 year old. It took me a while but I did mange to find another new students that would sit among herself during lunch.




The whole school was completely different from my old one. I also had to go another year in junior high when I was graduating from the last school. The most shocking revelation was that I came from a student body of mostly Hispanic to a almost totally Ango-Saxon school. Sure there were some Hispanics that tended to hang, but they felt strangely concerned if I tried to hang with them. It was a very uncomfortable situation to try to be around them  so I retreated back to being alone or searching for that other new student hoping I could pry her from reading, just long enough for some conversation. In the end we became friends and I joined a youth group with her. We never hung out very much because I believe our interests were just to different but we still were friends. I was the Tom boyish sports type while she was the stay at home and read type of girl.

I really hated the change at the time but I believe it also gave me cultural experiences that helped shape my future. 

Weedy Thing








weed_seedheadI have been eyeing my weed overtaken herb garden seed heads. They look like they would make a great subject for a photo. The photo I took was not very interesting but really rather blah so I played around with the settings in paintshop pro. I was able to make the background fade more the background so the weed-head became the focal point. Now to only get out there to weed the area, and find my herbs before the seeds fall.