Mouths Wide Shut But Chewing Away

If you looked at this blog closely you will find a recipe section and quickly come to the conclusion that I will eat a variety of food items. You would come to the correct assumption I crave variety and usually do not cook too much of the same each week except at times, like now, when we have too many eggs.  So I have been making many of our meals with eggs. This morning we had scrambled eggs. I missed the bread but we have been cutting back on our gluten and wheat bran consumption. One of the problems with this cut back on bread is I have around 40 pounds of wheat. So today I began the sprouting process to make spouted bread. Historically, many of our grains sprouted accidentally so to prevent waste they were utilized. These days modern techniques have eliminated the problem of sprouting grains. Now factories make the product since it has gained popularity due to its health benefits.

These sprouted wheat offer all the goodness of whole grains, while being more readily digested. It neutralizes the phytic acid and the sprouting process, according to what I read, increases the amount and bio-availability of some vitamins (notably Vitamin C) and mineral.

Mr Gadget on the other hand is picky in what he eats. He does not like quite a few items but has gotten better over the years. I will find out in a few day if he will eat sprouted bread. Maybe by the time we are in our eighties he will eat more but then I am sure my cooking desire will even less. I already cook less now. So since I am not the only one eating here I usually avoid food items he dislikes. Sometimes I prepare fish but prepare it in a way he will eat it. His fish of choice are those processed fish sticks. Fish is always frozen here so I tend to avoid anyways. I have also gone to only eating wild salmon and other fish. The farmed fish unfortunately has caused quite a few issues for the environment.

Anyway, tonight I will prepare the swiss chard scramble. I also need to get all of the pears process before the go bad. I am planning pear sauce and canned pears.


Daily prompt:Mouths Wide Shut But Chewing Away

The Slanted Door – A Review


The Slanted Door: Modern Vietnamese Food

Charles Phan open a restaurant in San Francisco in 1995 creating Vietnamese recipes incorporating a modern flair. the cookbook with delicious recipes and great photography will either want you to make a dish right away to visit the restaurant. I would be not able to make many of the recipes because they are fish based but he has many recipes using beef, pork and poultry. The recipes are simple but complex using ingredients you can find in most areas. If you love eating and preparing asian food you will find this book addition.


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Growing and Saving the Christmas Lima Bean

Christmas Lima Bean

Phaseolus lunatus


Christmas Limas

This lima is sometimes called the chestnut lima because it has a nutty taste. It has been popular since the 1840’s in the United States southwest high country.  It is hardy, heat tolerant and very productive. This is the been that out produced every bean in my garden this year. The hot weather did not bother it but seemed to make it grow faster. It did had some disease and insects problems but seemed to fight back enought to produce a lot of seeds anyways.

This useful bean is used in its green stage for cooking and canning or dried for usage in dishes later. This makes it a very versatile bean. This lima bean  produces a white, flat seed with maroon spots and swirls. It does keeps its red swirls even after cooking.

It is a pole plant that gets up to 10 feet tall. You will need to wait until the weather and soil gets warm enough. It really needs at least 80 degrees F tempertures to do well. This is why is does better in the south but some people in cooler climates have had success growing this lima bean. Use a plant spacing of 3-4 inches within row and 22 to 36 inches between rows. Inoculating seed before planting is recommended when limas are to be grown on soils on which limas have not been grown before.

To save the lima bean on this plant I just let the pods dry on the plant and harvested them. If it is too wet you can pull the whole plant up when the pods are filled out and hang in a dry location. This can take up to a month. You can also pick the pods and lay them in a single layer somewhere to dry. Make sure you turn them every few days to get them to dry evenly. When dry you can remove them from the pods to store in a cool dry place. If you want to freeze for storage make sure you get them dry enough.

Just In Case

“Perhaps too much of everything is as bad as too little.” – Edna Ferber

Do you agree with this statement on excess?


“Just in case.” is a notion Mr. Gadget tends to abide by. You never know if you will need this screw or outdated computer part. Honestly, he has gotten better. My answer to the “Just in case” scenario is that is what stores are for. I admit that it sometimes convenience to have something available if you come up with a project. That is if you can find it. I have found that if you keep some items available too long in some obscure box you will have difficulty finding it later unless you are very organised. Boxes or drawers full of just in case items does work in many cases. You tend to end up going to the store anyway after wasting precious hours looking for the item becasue you remember where you put it.

I admit I used to be a Christmas decor junkie. I had stuff for every room, including the bath rooms. A few years ago I have stopped decorating every room. This was not because I do not like to do it; I do. It is the clean up after the holiday that I object to. It takes  me days to put everything back into their storage container and then you have to trudge it down very steep steps into the basement . It seems everyone suddenly has other important things to do when it comes to putting everything away.

For some reason it was too weird for one daughter last year so she impassively began decorating the dining room. She never finished so I was left with finishing enought to put away the containers and trudge thems down to the basement. I was again by myself  trudging the boxes back up to pack and then down again for storage.

This is not going to happen this year. I am planning to do some reduction of items I have. I am hoping the nearest town will have a city-wide garage sale where I can set up in the park.  If not, I will freecycle. It is time to get rid of excess.