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220px-Bucket_list_posterDaily Prompt:

What’s the 11th item on your bucket list?

Most of the ideas for bucket lists come from the move The Bucket List (which was a great movie) and I suggest everyone watch it at least once. The movie is more that just two guys going places on the bucket list is quite moving.

I actually have three bucket lists. How crazy is that? The reason I do is because they are quite different lists. My reading and National Park bucket lists are the most likely to be achieved since they they do not take as much time, money or resources compared to my first bucket list made in 2010 of which I have done two. I have a sneakin feeling that family members are reading my national park list and going there. did I start something here?

I have Number eleven book on my 1001 books to read bucket list  The Lambs of London – Peter Ackroyd coming from, paperback swap so I will most likely have this completed within a month. The eleven item on my National Park bucket list is Hot Springs in Arkansas. It is about nine hours away so it is very possible I will go there this summer if I do not travel to Colorado were I need to visit four national parks. It is weird but I have driven around all the states that border Colorado but have never driven to the state. I just stopped at the airport once for a stop over and stayed on the plane. did not see much of the state. Number eleven  on my 2010  bucket list is to Visit India. I see this as not possible in the near future but it could be still possible years from now.

Maybe I should create a new bucket list with more doable items and make number eleven: STOP making bucket lists.

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