Shoulda Woulda Coulda

You can go through life with shoulda woulda coulda but what does it matter. Take the bull by the horn and go for any chances in life you are able to do at the time. You might fail! You might fall! At least you will remember that you tried.


This was something I took a chance with a long time ago and I could had been really stung by it since I was in military housing and if the person would not sign it over I would had had to remove it. It was done by glass paint. How did I have the time back then? I seem to have no time now. Anyway, I was glad the people coming in like it and signed for it and I was acting stupid because they came with little notice and I was embarrassed by the cleanness of the house. I hope they enjoyed it while they lived in Hawaii.

Idea for post from Daily Promp

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