Is the desktop computer going extinct?

I keep reading that sales are down on desktops computers and I do see a lot of laptops  and other devices when I go to certain coffee shops and other ventures. However, can the laptop take over in the world of real business?

One of the reasons cited for the reduction of desktop sales is the drastic changes that came with windows 8. Sometimes changes in windows can cause major issues in business and personal usages when the operation system is has so many changes. Many business cannot afford to arrange for training for its employees or the costs of upgrades when the system they are using works well.  What happens in some of the larger companies is they might have one person trained who is suppose to help the other but usually in my  personal experience employees are left on their own to learn the new system or take some type of class. A costly endeavor for many employees and individuals. They seem to be keeping what they have for now.

There are many types of applications that really do not work with the the smaller screens of the phones, laptops and others. I believe many bushiness peculiarly ones using CAD, spreadsheets, using software plus gamers will continue to keep the larger screens,
 keyboards and mouses. It is just more efficient. 

I have tried using a laptop at a work when they experimented with laptop usage.  They ended up connecting a regular keyboard and mouse for easier usage and and then they reverted back to desktops within a year. As for family members they all seem to navigate to my desktop or to the computer we have hooked up to our TV a few times per month for certain tasks. I for one will not be getting rid of my desktop anytime so and not sure I will make the change.

How about you? Do you primary use a laptop or desktop?


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2 thoughts on “Is the desktop computer going extinct?

  1. I thought desk top sales were down because the market is fairly saturated, and people seem to be buying smaller devices now for convenience. I think they often supplement the desk top. Having said that, I use a lap top as my main computer, with an ipad for travel and my phone (internet) in a pinch. That screen is just too small to use for so many things! My desk top is a few years old, so of course the operating system is too old for lots of the current softwear. Talk about an economic treadmill!


  2. I have read sales were down for a number or reason. I think a lot has to be because of smaller devices. People mostly use them for email and social site. They are perfect for that. I have a kindle and love it for reading and checking me email when out of town.


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