Deserted Island Wish List

A classic question, revisited: what are the five items you must have on a deserted island?

This is a old question. As I have been reading along I been seeing such items as cell phone and computers. Most deserted island would not likely have transmission towers so I am heading for the practical items. This are some on the items listed on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Some of the items I agree with but others I am quite sure you would survive fine without. If you have never heard of this them you most likely did not take a psychology class. If interested in more information you can go to the link below or google.

So I suppose you are wondering or not about what my list entails. Since the list is so short it is mostly physiological needs.

  1.  Food-You can only last so long without food so this is the first item on my list. This food is either food provided on a regular basis or can be forged or hunted on the island with relative ease.
  2. Water-You will need a source of water. Most deserted island  are lacking in this important item for survival. If the land does not have a natural source you will need a way to collect rainwater of filter the water from the ocean.
  3.  Shelter- Even a tropical island will have times of rain even if it is gentle rain like Hawaii has quite often. It is also desirable to get out of the sun at times  Most places can have severe weather so you need a safe shelter. A cave would be nice for places you have to deal with hurricanes but it now then an hut would be nice.
  4.  Friendship- It is hard to live by yourself and without human contact for long lengths of time. You tend to get weirder. The US Park Service requires their remote rangers to go to the mainland for times to help prevent that. It also help to have someone to help with chores for the everyday requirements.
  5. Job or Hobby- You job might be just surviving and sourcing food every day or it could be more job related such as research or basket weaving. You need something to do.

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