Searching for the Swedish Church




It was one of those photo adventures. I was looking for an old church build after a group of Swedish homesteaders built their homesteads in the hilly prairie in the Flint Hills. Somehow I somehow got the wrong address for the church and ended up at a  bridge to nowhere, an old stone home, cracked and falling down, a strange wooded area with a huge clearing and a creek I did not know about. I found my way home and looked up the church address on google map and went back to the area to find the church.I had been looking in the wrong area. the other side of main road, but the correct road.  I finally found the church. The church is not used for services any more and has not been for a very long time. They still use the graveyard around the church, mow and as you can see put a new roof on the church to keep it from falling apart.




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